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Here's another recycled paper pulp recipe equation for you. 

Colorful fibers added to white recycled paper pulp equals colorful, interesting paper. 

I have an aunt who lives in an assisted living apartment, and recently she gifted me a large bag of assorted yarn and embroidery floss.  To thank her, I am making bookmarks for her and her knitting friends who donated their odds and ends. 

What can you reuse today? 
Happy papermaking!

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Make love last...


Don't waste love...recycle those valentines into handmade paper, and make love last!
Tear them up, blend them in an ordinary kitchen blender, and make colorful pink and red handmade paper. 
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Happy paper making!

Recycling paper into marketing materials

Last week while dabbling in Pinterest I saw a label for handmade jam that was beautifully designed, and it motivated me to rethink the labels we use for our paper making kits.  

A graphic artist I'm not, so it took a lot of trial and error, and printing and reprinting until my new design came together.   Afterwards I gathered up the trail and error sheets, and made paper. 

Torn up Wooden Deckle waste

Torn up Wooden Deckle waste

I love the green and brown flecks showing through

I love the green and brown flecks showing through

More business cards to include with every order

More business cards to include with every order

Happy Paper Making! 

Sources of used paper for making handmade paper


Here at Wooden Deckle our papermaking kits are geared towards making handmade paper by recycling used paper. All of us have so much of it on hand!

As a rule of thumb, the better the quality of paper used, the better the handmade paper pulp.  Good sources of used paper to are:

  • computer/printer paper
  • envelopes
  • old stationary
  • greeting cards
  • paper bags
  • maps
  • sheet music (it’s so nice to see musical notes showing up in the handmade paper!)
  • wrapping paper
  • cardstock
  • junk mail

It’s best to avoid recycling:

  • newspapers or newsprint paper with a lots of ink, i.e. paper that was heavily printed on
  • glossy magazines construction paper (the colors quickly fade)

By making handmade paper from the myriads of paper we go through every day, we preserve our natural resources, and avoid the use of caustic chemicals needed to break down natural plant fibers. 

Next week I’ll share how to add color to your recycled handmade paper pulp.

Happy Creating!