Wooden Deckle

We get by... with a little help from our friends


We are so thankful to be in partnership with VIP Services!  VIP employs disabled adults to do tasks for small businesses like Wooden Deckle while learning skills and interacting with their peers. It is an incredible place that offers so much support to disabled persons and their families.

Our papermaking kit boxes are folded and our inclusion bags are filled and labeled with so much care!  And we in turn are blessed to be able to support as well as donate an extra portion of our profits back to VIP.  In fact, if you would like to play a part in empowering people with disabilities in Wisconsin, you can donate here.  Or, I would encourage you to find a similar venture in your area.



Quadruple quick

handmade-paper-business cards

With record setting warm temperatures in Wisconsin the past few days windows and doors were open while restocking my supply of 2x3" handmade paper for our Wooden Deckle business cards

I recycled some outdated medical office stationary and embellished with snippets of raffia and jute twine to add natural looking fibers. To add color, I used a bit of embroidery floss, bakers twine, and just a faint pinch of glitter.  The whole process went really fast with the quadruple mold and deckle - over 120 2x3"  sheets of recycled handmade paper business cards in less an hour and a half, including visiting with new neighbors. 

Happy creating!


Recycling paper into marketing materials

Last week while dabbling in Pinterest I saw a label for handmade jam that was beautifully designed, and it motivated me to rethink the labels we use for our paper making kits.  

A graphic artist I'm not, so it took a lot of trial and error, and printing and reprinting until my new design came together.   Afterwards I gathered up the trail and error sheets, and made paper. 

Torn up Wooden Deckle waste

Torn up Wooden Deckle waste

I love the green and brown flecks showing through

I love the green and brown flecks showing through

More business cards to include with every order

More business cards to include with every order

Happy Paper Making! 

Earth, we care... honoring Earth Day by recycling used paper


Wooden Deckle papermaking kits are all about making beautiful handmade paper by recycling used paper.  By shredding used printer paper, wrapping paper, sheet music, greeting cards, etc., and processing them in a kitchen blender, we can give new life to what was once destined to be thrown away.  Finding a second use for something instead of throwing it away is good for our earth, and honors the One who made it. 

In honor of Earth Day, use coupon code:  EARTHWECARE for $5.00 off of any papermaking kit for the entire month of April.  Happy Recycling!