Making paper by recycling

Paper Making Inspiration


Below is a link to an inspiring story about a papermaker from Germany with a true passion for his craft.  Yes, he specializes primarily in making wood-free paper, but also recycles used paper to make paper just as we do at Wooden Deckle. 

I love how he loves his craft, his process, and his paper!  See if this video doesn't inspire you too. And watch for his "watermark" at the end of the video - so cool.

The Papermaker

"paper can be the bearer of emotions, a love letter comes to mind...
...paper can have the power of life and death..."
- Gangolf Ulbricht

Recycling paper into marketing materials

Last week while dabbling in Pinterest I saw a label for handmade jam that was beautifully designed, and it motivated me to rethink the labels we use for our paper making kits.  

A graphic artist I'm not, so it took a lot of trial and error, and printing and reprinting until my new design came together.   Afterwards I gathered up the trail and error sheets, and made paper. 

Torn up Wooden Deckle waste

Torn up Wooden Deckle waste

I love the green and brown flecks showing through

I love the green and brown flecks showing through

More business cards to include with every order

More business cards to include with every order

Happy Paper Making! 

Free Recipe, it's Earth Day!


At Wooden Deckle we are all about making handmade paper by recycling paper - everyday ordinary paper made into something new - with new creative potential!

Making blender paper, as it is often referred to, is as easy as tearing up no longer needed printer paper, homework assignments, etc and processing them in an ordinary kitchen blender.

One of my favorite ways to make used printer paper look like rustic handmade paper is to make Green Tea Paper - enjoy this recipe from our Wooden Deckle Instruction Booklet, included with every papermaking kit.  Happy Earth Day! 

Green Tea Paper Recipe

2 cups of white recycled paper pulp

10 green tea bags (use the inexpensive generic kind)

1.  Place blended recycled paper pulp in a stainless steel bowl with green tea bags.

2.  Cover with hot water, and allow to steep several hours.

3.  Break open one or two of the tea bags, and mix in the loose tea.

4.  Drain.

5.  Add a handful or two of the pulp to vat, along with enough water to make vat half full.

Make paper as you normally would.  The result is a beautiful rustic-looking creamy paper with brown flecks of tea, and a subtle green tea scent!

Reminer: Use EARTHWECARE coupon code for $5.00 off of any papermaking kit this month.  

Happy Creating!