Fragrant Dried Lavender Buds - for Handmade Paper Pulp

Fragrant Dried Lavender Buds - for Handmade Paper Pulp


Nothing, nothing, smells better than lavender! 

Fragrant dried lavender buds are included in every Wooden Deckle paper making kit, but could you use more?  They are ideal for enhancing the texture and for providing a clean, unforgettable scent to your handmade paper. 

Add the lavender directly to your slurry, or blend briefly to release the fragrant lavender oils.  For purple paper, add color to white recycled paper pulp by blending in a sheet or two of purple tissue paper.

What to do with lavender handmade paper?

  • Handmade paper gift tags

  • Fragrant note cards

  • Labels or hang tags for handmade soaps.

By the way, if you make your own hang tags or product labels, you may be interested in our Quadruple Mold and Deckle for Hang Tags

1/2 cup portion.

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