Make your own: Hang Tag Paper Making Kit

Make your own: Hang Tag Paper Making Kit


Creatives, make your own hang tags by recycling used paper with this versatile paper making kit. 
This kit includes:

  • 2 x 3 inch mold and deckle
  • 2 x 2 inch mold for small tags/gift tags
  • easy to follow instruction booklet
  • jute Twine for rustic hang tags
  • 3 different colors of Baker's Twine for hang tags
  • sisal fiber to give handmade paper a rustic look
  • sponge and reusable couching sheets

The 2 x 3" size is perfect for handmade paper hang tags or labels for handmade goods. The 2x2" mold can be placed on top of the 2x3" deckle to make postage stamp sized handmade paper.

By shredding used printer paper, wrapping paper, sheet music, greeting cards, etc., and processing them in a kitchen blender you can make an array of colorful tags, labels, and cards!

Need to make a lot of hang tags?
Here is our Quadruple business card/hang tag kit.

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