handmade paper project


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  • I used approximately 1 tablespoon paprika to 1 heaping cup of recycled paper pulp
  • Blend the paprika into the paper pulp to incorporate it well
  • Beautiful bright orange/red speckled paper!
  • Make great things:  Paprika paper is perfect for autumn themed notes, or thanksgiving place cards...

Stamping on Handmade Paper - Maidenhair Fern Journal


Here's my current "every day" journal where I keep track of projects that are simmering away, ideas with maybe a sketch or two, or notes jotted down from podcasts.

This journal features one of my favorite projects - stamping on handmade paper.  I hand-carved this maidenhair on a Soft-Kut printing block stamp, and used pigmented ink to stamp it onto a piece of 3x4" handmade green tea paper.  Last year I published the recipe for Green Tea Handmade Paper in honor of Earth Day. 

Happy Creating!






(Real) Pressed Fern on Handmade Paper


Who doesn't need a touch of green inside?

A fern pressed last summer with the Microfleur, and mounted on nicely textured 5x7" handmade paper. 

  • Sealed with UV resistant coating
  • On Gilbert Oxford premium card stock
  • Ready to frame

If you like minimalist botanical art like this, you can make your own!
(If you aren't inclined to make you own, it is available on Wooden Deckle Etsy.)

Use code:MARCHMADNESS for 20% off of any kit or Microfleur flower press.

How to make pressed flower cards


DIY Pressed flower card tutorial

Back in the day when I had 3 kids under the age of 4, money was tight and I began making pressed flower cards as a way to maintain sanity and earn money to finance our first garden. This tutorial describes how I make DIY pressed flower cards on handmade paper - I've always loved how pressed flowers pop against a background of roughly textured white handmade paper. 

What you'll need:

  • Pressed flowers:  You can press them in a book or standard flower press, but if you are serious and want to retain their brilliant color use a Microfleur microwave flower press
  • Half sheet of card stock: Use the best quality you can find, folded in half for a note card
  • Handmade paper:  I use our note card mold and deckle to make 3x4" pieces
  • White glue: For gluing the pressed flowers to the handmade paper - I like Elmer's craft glue
  • Perfect Paper Adhesive:  Used as a pressed flower sealant.  Water resistant, flexible, archival safe, and UV resistant.
DIY pressed flower cards

1.  Press freshly picked flowers in the Microfleur or press of choice.
2.  Center and glue handmade paper to card stock.
3.  Using a tweezers to grasp, apply dots of glue to the back of the pressed flowers and foliage you've selected.  Press firmly onto card.  Allow to dry.
4.  With a small watercolor brush, apply a light coating of PPA over the entire surface of the pressed flower and foliage.  Allow to dry.

Your card is ready to send!  The handmade paper makes a sturdy background for the pressed flowers, and the thin coating of PPA offers flexible protection to allow the botanical material to handle the rigors of the U.S. mail, with UV and moisture protection. 

Happy creating!