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green tea recipe paper.png


2 Cups of white recycled paper pulp
10 or so green tea bags (generic is perfect)

Place pulp in a bowl with tea bags.  Cover with hot water and allow to steep for several hours.  Remove tea bags, but break open one or two and mix in loose tea.

Try this recipe with non-white recycled paper pulp as well.

Such a lovely rustic looking paper!  I use this handmade paper for everything - journal covers, business cards, note cards, bookmarks, hang tags, botanical art pieces. 

Happy papermaking!

          Pressed fern on 2x3" green tea paper - note card

          Pressed fern on 2x3" green tea paper - note card

Pressed fern on 2x3" green tea paper - notecar


mathmatical monday.png


  • I used approximately 1 tablespoon paprika to 1 heaping cup of recycled paper pulp
  • Blend the paprika into the paper pulp to incorporate it well
  • Beautiful bright orange/red speckled paper!
  • Make great things:  Paprika paper is perfect for autumn themed notes, or thanksgiving place cards...

Stamping on Handmade Paper - Maidenhair Fern Journal


Here's my current "every day" journal where I keep track of projects that are simmering away, ideas with maybe a sketch or two, or notes jotted down from podcasts.

This journal features one of my favorite projects - stamping on handmade paper.  I hand-carved this maidenhair on a Soft-Kut printing block stamp, and used pigmented ink to stamp it onto a piece of 3x4" handmade green tea paper.  Last year I published the recipe for Green Tea Handmade Paper in honor of Earth Day. 

Happy Creating!






Free Gift Wrapping


For your convenience, and in the spirit of Christmas, we'd like to help you wrap presents this year. 

We are offering free gift wrapping with the purchase of any paper making kit, and a complimentary handmade paper gift tag as well. 


Autumn leaf handmade paper gift tag

autumn leaf gift tag

Here's a sweet wild geranium leaf that I pressed in the Microfleur, and then glued to a piece of 2x2" piece of handmade paper (made with the business card/gift tag mold and deckle set).  

Below you can see it placed inside a glassine envelope. These are as fun to make as they are to give!


By the way, don't waste your leaves!  You are creative and can make your own autumn creations.  Here's a coupon code to save $5.00 if you need any paper making or leaf pressing supplies from wooden deckle:  DONTWASTELEAVES

Happy Creating!

Bird's egg inspiration

Love these delicate, simple handmade paper bowls from Ann Symes of the UK.  Ann uses her grandmother's ostrich eggs as molds!  I have draped 5x7" sheets of handmade paper over small balloons with some success. Definitely something I would like to do more of...perhaps some Christmas gift possibilities?