From bad to good


Check out what artist Jane Kramer is doing - she is making handmade paper from obnoxious invasive species, and adorning it with photographic transfers of native Michigan plants.  Very brilliant, very beautiful. 

She cooks down the plant fibers herself, and then processes them in a kitchen blender - resulting in a very rustic, fibrous paper.  I love the irony of how she is able to make something very good, from something bad.

Thanks to May Babcock, for another inspiring blog article on hand papermaking.


Quadruple quick

handmade-paper-business cards

With record setting warm temperatures in Wisconsin the past few days windows and doors were open while restocking my supply of 2x3" handmade paper for our Wooden Deckle business cards

I recycled some outdated medical office stationary and embellished with snippets of raffia and jute twine to add natural looking fibers. To add color, I used a bit of embroidery floss, bakers twine, and just a faint pinch of glitter.  The whole process went really fast with the quadruple mold and deckle - over 120 2x3"  sheets of recycled handmade paper business cards in less an hour and a half, including visiting with new neighbors. 

Happy creating!


Make love last...


Don't waste love...recycle those valentines into handmade paper, and make love last!
Tear them up, blend them in an ordinary kitchen blender, and make colorful pink and red handmade paper. 
And, today and tomorrow, use coupon code LOVE20 for a Valentine's Day discount.

Happy paper making!

Valentines Day means handmade paper hearts


These handmade paper hearts were made with the help of buttercut - a thin flexible adhesive backed vinyl.  Thankfully buttercut is exceptionally easy to cut (hence the name) so curvy shapes like hearts are a breeze to make.


I simply cut a piece of buttercut to fit the size of the mold, and cut a heart out of the middle.   The adhesive backing helps hold it snug on the screen.  Place the deckle on top, and make paper as normal.  Handmade paper in the shape of hearts!  

I recycled scraps of red and pink cardstock to make pulp for these hearts, recycling last years Valentine's Day cards would have worked well too.  Here's something I thought of after - it would have been a neat idea to sprinkle in "forget me not" seeds into the paper pulp, to make plantable Valentine's.  Another time!

Where to get buttercut?  I got mine here.
These Valentine's were made with the note card mold and deckle.

Happy creating!

Do you like butter?


Really, who doesn't like butter? It's delicious.  And nothing can come close to replicating it - it has to be the real thing.

In the world of handmade paper making, there's something called "buttercut" that enables paper makers to create shapes in and on their handmade paper.  Stay tuned to papery ideas to find out how starting next week. It will be especially helpful to those of you wanting to use handmade paper make your own Valentine's Day Cards. 

And, all paper making kits and mold and deckles ordered from Wooden Deckle during the next few weeks will include a free piece of buttercut for your creative enjoyment. 

Happy Creating!



Free Gift Wrapping


For your convenience, and in the spirit of Christmas, we'd like to help you wrap presents this year. 

We are offering free gift wrapping with the purchase of any paper making kit, and a complimentary handmade paper gift tag as well. 


Autumn leaf handmade paper gift tag

autumn leaf gift tag

Here's a sweet wild geranium leaf that I pressed in the Microfleur, and then glued to a piece of 2x2" piece of handmade paper (made with the business card/gift tag mold and deckle set).  

Below you can see it placed inside a glassine envelope. These are as fun to make as they are to give!


By the way, don't waste your leaves!  You are creative and can make your own autumn creations.  Here's a coupon code to save $5.00 if you need any paper making or leaf pressing supplies from wooden deckle:  DONTWASTELEAVES

Happy Creating!

Bird's egg inspiration

Love these delicate, simple handmade paper bowls from Ann Symes of the UK.  Ann uses her grandmother's ostrich eggs as molds!  I have draped 5x7" sheets of handmade paper over small balloons with some success. Definitely something I would like to do more of...perhaps some Christmas gift possibilities?


Don't waste your l̶i̶f̶e̶ leaves

autumn leaves handmade paper

With soccer games, cross country meets, church activities, and a German exchange student, my October schedule is busier than I'd like it to be. But, let's resolve to not get too caught up in all this commotion and miss the creative potential of this short season. Pressed autumn leaves on handmade paper combine so well - almost effortlessly.

Here's a $5.00 coupon code to get you started:

Happy creating!

($20.00 minimum purchase please)



Recycling paper into marketing materials

Last week while dabbling in Pinterest I saw a label for handmade jam that was beautifully designed, and it motivated me to rethink the labels we use for our paper making kits.  

A graphic artist I'm not, so it took a lot of trial and error, and printing and reprinting until my new design came together.   Afterwards I gathered up the trail and error sheets, and made paper. 

Torn up Wooden Deckle waste

Torn up Wooden Deckle waste

I love the green and brown flecks showing through

I love the green and brown flecks showing through

More business cards to include with every order

More business cards to include with every order

Happy Paper Making! 

Introducing our new Business Card and Hang Tag Paper Making Kit

Here's a new kit that's ideal for crafters who make handmade items!  Make handmade paper business cards and rustic hang tags by recycling used printer paper, brown craft paper, wrapping paper, etc.  Our Business Card and Hang Tag Paper Making Kit includes just about everything except used paper and a kitchen blender.

Also included is a nice selection of Baker's Twine for hang tags, as well as sisal and just twine which can either be used for rustic hang tags or snipped and added to paper pulp to add natural looking fiber to the handmade paper pulp.

Use code: NEWKIT to receive $2.00 off of our new Business Card and Hang Tag Paper Making Kit from now until the end of May. 
Happy paper making!


Free Recipe, it's Earth Day!


At Wooden Deckle we are all about making handmade paper by recycling paper - everyday ordinary paper made into something new - with new creative potential!

Making blender paper, as it is often referred to, is as easy as tearing up no longer needed printer paper, homework assignments, etc and processing them in an ordinary kitchen blender.

One of my favorite ways to make used printer paper look like rustic handmade paper is to make Green Tea Paper - enjoy this recipe from our Wooden Deckle Instruction Booklet, included with every papermaking kit.  Happy Earth Day! 

Green Tea Paper Recipe

2 cups of white recycled paper pulp

10 green tea bags (use the inexpensive generic kind)

1.  Place blended recycled paper pulp in a stainless steel bowl with green tea bags.

2.  Cover with hot water, and allow to steep several hours.

3.  Break open one or two of the tea bags, and mix in the loose tea.

4.  Drain.

5.  Add a handful or two of the pulp to vat, along with enough water to make vat half full.

Make paper as you normally would.  The result is a beautiful rustic-looking creamy paper with brown flecks of tea, and a subtle green tea scent!

Reminer: Use EARTHWECARE coupon code for $5.00 off of any papermaking kit this month.  

Happy Creating! 

Earth, we care... honoring Earth Day by recycling used paper


Wooden Deckle papermaking kits are all about making beautiful handmade paper by recycling used paper.  By shredding used printer paper, wrapping paper, sheet music, greeting cards, etc., and processing them in a kitchen blender, we can give new life to what was once destined to be thrown away.  Finding a second use for something instead of throwing it away is good for our earth, and honors the One who made it. 

In honor of Earth Day, use coupon code:  EARTHWECARE for $5.00 off of any papermaking kit for the entire month of April.  Happy Recycling!

Seed paper gift tag and a newly found hand carved stamp


While doing some reorganizing this morning I happily came across some hand carved stamps I had made a few years ago. Other than stamping my business cards, I haven't done any "fun" stamping in awhile. The picture above is a stamp print on handmade seed paper, made with our 2x3" business card size mold and deckle.

Below is the actual stamp I carved on a Staedler eraser.  

Hand carved stamp

Hand carved stamp

By the way, a free mini seed paper kit is included with every papermaking kit and mold and deckle. It includes seeds that work well in papermaking, as well as simple explanation on how to make seed paper. 

Happy Creating!


Sources of used paper for making handmade paper


Here at Wooden Deckle our papermaking kits are geared towards making handmade paper by recycling used paper. All of us have so much of it on hand!

As a rule of thumb, the better the quality of paper used, the better the handmade paper pulp.  Good sources of used paper to are:

  • computer/printer paper
  • envelopes
  • old stationary
  • greeting cards
  • paper bags
  • maps
  • sheet music (it’s so nice to see musical notes showing up in the handmade paper!)
  • wrapping paper
  • cardstock
  • junk mail

It’s best to avoid recycling:

  • newspapers or newsprint paper with a lots of ink, i.e. paper that was heavily printed on
  • glossy magazines construction paper (the colors quickly fade)

By making handmade paper from the myriads of paper we go through every day, we preserve our natural resources, and avoid the use of caustic chemicals needed to break down natural plant fibers. 

Next week I’ll share how to add color to your recycled handmade paper pulp.

Happy Creating!