Blender Flax

Blender Flax


WE REGRET THAT THIS IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE. Hoping to find another source soon.

Blender Flax is a paper making inclusion that lends the loveliness and texture of natural fibers to handmade paper made with recycled paper

Blender flax is pure plant fiber, that's ready to be used in paper making. Plant fibers have to be processed, i.e. cooked with a caustic solution before they can be used in paper making, but not so with blender flax.  It's ready to go!

For a really stunning, rustic looking paper, add a tablespoon or so of blender flax to recycled grocery bag pulp.

Although a small bag of Blender Flax is included in every Wooden Deckle paper making kit, this bag contains a brimming quarter cup of packed of flax.  A little goes a long way, so you will have enough as an inclusion for numerous sheets of paper.

1/4 Cup portion

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