Valentines Day means handmade paper hearts


These handmade paper hearts were made with the help of buttercut - a thin flexible adhesive backed vinyl.  Thankfully buttercut is exceptionally easy to cut (hence the name) so curvy shapes like hearts are a breeze to make.


I simply cut a piece of buttercut to fit the size of the mold, and cut a heart out of the middle.   The adhesive backing helps hold it snug on the screen.  Place the deckle on top, and make paper as normal.  Handmade paper in the shape of hearts!  

I recycled scraps of red and pink cardstock to make pulp for these hearts, recycling last years Valentine's Day cards would have worked well too.  Here's something I thought of after - it would have been a neat idea to sprinkle in "forget me not" seeds into the paper pulp, to make plantable Valentine's.  Another time!

Where to get buttercut?  I got mine here.
These Valentine's were made with the note card mold and deckle.

Happy creating!