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Rustic Christmas Gift Tags - for free!

Amanda Moss is one of the most productive people I know - she's forever posting pictures of her handmade jewelry, never two alike.  And she takes the time to craft handmade paper tags for each one. 

On top of that, she has found time to make an include handmade paper gift tags to include in every order, and her paper is rustic and beautiful.   She's amazing! 

Here's what she using for her handmade paper gift tags

Happy papermaking!



Here's another recycled paper pulp recipe equation for you. 

Colorful fibers added to white recycled paper pulp equals colorful, interesting paper. 

I have an aunt who lives in an assisted living apartment, and recently she gifted me a large bag of assorted yarn and embroidery floss.  To thank her, I am making bookmarks for her and her knitting friends who donated their odds and ends. 

What can you reuse today? 
Happy papermaking!

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How our customers use their handmade paper: Earring display cards by The Knotted Moss


Got boundless energy?   Got creativity?
Amanda Moss Edwards does. 

Every time I turn around (and glance at Instagram) Amanda has posted yet another picture of her gorgeous earrings, and they just happen to be on the handmade paper earring cards she makes with our quadruple mold and deckle.   Look how she sews right across the top of her display cards and attaches her shop name, and tag line.  Brilliant branding!  Such creativity.

For a steady flow of creative energy follow Amanda on Instagram at #theknottedmoss
Shop for Amanda's Back to School Sale at The Knotted Moss on Etsy.  Use code:  SKEWLDAYZ17 to receive 20% off. 

Thank you for your inspiration Amanda!

Happy creating!