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Paper Making Inspiration


Below is a link to an inspiring story about a papermaker from Germany with a true passion for his craft.  Yes, he specializes primarily in making wood-free paper, but also recycles used paper to make paper just as we do at Wooden Deckle. 

I love how he loves his craft, his process, and his paper!  See if this video doesn't inspire you too. And watch for his "watermark" at the end of the video - so cool.

The Papermaker

"paper can be the bearer of emotions, a love letter comes to mind...
...paper can have the power of life and death..."
- Gangolf Ulbricht

From bad to good


Check out what artist Jane Kramer is doing - she is making handmade paper from obnoxious invasive species, and adorning it with photographic transfers of native Michigan plants.  Very brilliant, very beautiful. 

She cooks down the plant fibers herself, and then processes them in a kitchen blender - resulting in a very rustic, fibrous paper.  I love the irony of how she is able to make something very good, from something bad.

Thanks to May Babcock, for another inspiring blog article on hand papermaking.


Introducing our new Business Card and Hang Tag Paper Making Kit

Here's a new kit that's ideal for crafters who make handmade items!  Make handmade paper business cards and rustic hang tags by recycling used printer paper, brown craft paper, wrapping paper, etc.  Our Business Card and Hang Tag Paper Making Kit includes just about everything except used paper and a kitchen blender.

Also included is a nice selection of Baker's Twine for hang tags, as well as sisal and just twine which can either be used for rustic hang tags or snipped and added to paper pulp to add natural looking fiber to the handmade paper pulp.

Use code: NEWKIT to receive $2.00 off of our new Business Card and Hang Tag Paper Making Kit from now until the end of May. 
Happy paper making!