Rustic handmade paper

Rustic Christmas Gift Tags - for free!

Amanda Moss is one of the most productive people I know - she's forever posting pictures of her handmade jewelry, never two alike.  And she takes the time to craft handmade paper tags for each one. 

On top of that, she has found time to make an include handmade paper gift tags to include in every order, and her paper is rustic and beautiful.   She's amazing! 

Here's what she using for her handmade paper gift tags

Happy papermaking!

Free Recipe, it's Earth Day!


At Wooden Deckle we are all about making handmade paper by recycling paper - everyday ordinary paper made into something new - with new creative potential!

Making blender paper, as it is often referred to, is as easy as tearing up no longer needed printer paper, homework assignments, etc and processing them in an ordinary kitchen blender.

One of my favorite ways to make used printer paper look like rustic handmade paper is to make Green Tea Paper - enjoy this recipe from our Wooden Deckle Instruction Booklet, included with every papermaking kit.  Happy Earth Day! 

Green Tea Paper Recipe

2 cups of white recycled paper pulp

10 green tea bags (use the inexpensive generic kind)

1.  Place blended recycled paper pulp in a stainless steel bowl with green tea bags.

2.  Cover with hot water, and allow to steep several hours.

3.  Break open one or two of the tea bags, and mix in the loose tea.

4.  Drain.

5.  Add a handful or two of the pulp to vat, along with enough water to make vat half full.

Make paper as you normally would.  The result is a beautiful rustic-looking creamy paper with brown flecks of tea, and a subtle green tea scent!

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Happy Creating!