Paper Making Inspiration


Below is a link to an inspiring story about a papermaker from Germany with a true passion for his craft.  Yes, he specializes primarily in making wood-free paper, but also recycles used paper to make paper just as we do at Wooden Deckle. 

I love how he loves his craft, his process, and his paper!  See if this video doesn't inspire you too. And watch for his "watermark" at the end of the video - so cool.

The Papermaker

"paper can be the bearer of emotions, a love letter comes to mind...
...paper can have the power of life and death..."
- Gangolf Ulbricht

How our customers use their handmade paper: Earring display cards by The Knotted Moss


Got boundless energy?   Got creativity?
Amanda Moss Edwards does. 

Every time I turn around (and glance at Instagram) Amanda has posted yet another picture of her gorgeous earrings, and they just happen to be on the handmade paper earring cards she makes with our quadruple mold and deckle.   Look how she sews right across the top of her display cards and attaches her shop name, and tag line.  Brilliant branding!  Such creativity.

For a steady flow of creative energy follow Amanda on Instagram at #theknottedmoss
Shop for Amanda's Back to School Sale at The Knotted Moss on Etsy.  Use code:  SKEWLDAYZ17 to receive 20% off. 

Thank you for your inspiration Amanda!

Happy creating!


Sometimes the paper itself is enough...

Sometimes the paper itself is enough, sometimes it becomes a drawing, a book or a sculpture...

Sometimes the paper itself is enough, sometimes it becomes a drawing, a book or a sculpture...


I love, love, this quote from Lucy Baxandal, one of the most prolific, interesting papermakers I "know."  I follow her on facebook (and maybe instagram too, I think) and her papers, ideas, and projects are gorgeous.  I wish she was in the US, I'd sign up for some of her classes. 

If you are a papermaker and occassionally need inspiration or fresh ideas, conisder following her - it will be well worth your time. 

Happy papermaking!