How To:


green tea recipe paper.png


2 Cups of white recycled paper pulp
10 or so green tea bags (generic is perfect)

Place pulp in a bowl with tea bags.  Cover with hot water and allow to steep for several hours.  Remove tea bags, but break open one or two and mix in loose tea.

Try this recipe with non-white recycled paper pulp as well.

Such a lovely rustic looking paper!  I use this handmade paper for everything - journal covers, business cards, note cards, bookmarks, hang tags, botanical art pieces. 

Happy papermaking!

          Pressed fern on 2x3" green tea paper - note card

          Pressed fern on 2x3" green tea paper - note card

Pressed fern on 2x3" green tea paper - notecar


mathmatical monday.png


  • I used approximately 1 tablespoon paprika to 1 heaping cup of recycled paper pulp
  • Blend the paprika into the paper pulp to incorporate it well
  • Beautiful bright orange/red speckled paper!
  • Make great things:  Paprika paper is perfect for autumn themed notes, or thanksgiving place cards...

How to: Adding sizing to handmade paper

sizing for handmade paper

Here's a recent question about sizing and handmade paper from one of my customers:

So I've now purchased 2 of your molds, they're perfect! I love making paper! But I do have a question- I'm a calligrapher and when I went to write on what I created, the ink bled like mad. I did add liquid starch to the pulp, I'm guessing it wasn't enough? Do you have any tips or tricks to help? Thank you so much in advance!

Thank you for loving our mold and deckles!  So happy to hear that!

What are you using for pulp?  If you are recycling paper that already had sizing in it - like printer paper, stationary, or any previously "printed on" paper, the ink shouldn't bleed.  However, if you are using natural plant material for pulp, or a significant proportion of cotton linters, sizing is needed.  Liquid starch like you used is a very good option - however the amount needed depends on the type of pulp, so it takes a bit of trial and error.  It sounds like you need to use more, but sorry I can't be more precise!

Another option is to apply an external sizing - to actually paint a gelatin sizing onto the sheet of handmade paper. There are excellent directions in Helen Hiebert's The Papermaker's Companion book.   I've done this with rustic paper I make with blender flax and recycled brown grocery bags and it worked perfectly. 

Finally, you can purchase sizing for paper making, and just follow the supplier's directions.   I have used sizing from Twin Rocker Papermaking supplies that worked well. 

There you have it!  Please feel free to ask any other paper making questions you might have, or add your own tips. 

Happy papermaking!