Paper Making Inspiration


Below is a link to an inspiring story about a papermaker from Germany with a true passion for his craft.  Yes, he specializes primarily in making wood-free paper, but also recycles used paper to make paper just as we do at Wooden Deckle. 

I love how he loves his craft, his process, and his paper!  See if this video doesn't inspire you too. And watch for his "watermark" at the end of the video - so cool.

The Papermaker

"paper can be the bearer of emotions, a love letter comes to mind...
...paper can have the power of life and death..."
- Gangolf Ulbricht

Introducing: The Classroom Papermaking Kit - Customized for You


At Wooden Deckle we believe strongly in good stewardship of the earth we've been blessed with, and we are solidly behind the efforts of teachers and educators who want to teach the importance of recycling to their students.  We're here to help in any way we can!

Here's how our recycled papermaking kit for teachers can be customized for you:

  • Select four mold and deckles  or more of your choice* and receive a 10% discount on them.

And the following, free of charge::

  • One free "second quality" 5x7" or 5x5" mold and deckle
  • Our illustrated Instruction booklet complete with papermaking recipes
  • Couching (drying) sheets, sponges, and sample papermaking inclusions
  • Classroom set up tips, paper making lesson plan ideas, and sample discussion questions

Learn more about our Classroom Papermaking Kit options.
And teachers, thank you for all you do for our kids!


*Excluding our quadruple mold and deckle


Rustic Christmas Gift Tags - for free!

Amanda Moss is one of the most productive people I know - she's forever posting pictures of her handmade jewelry, never two alike.  And she takes the time to craft handmade paper tags for each one. 

On top of that, she has found time to make an include handmade paper gift tags to include in every order, and her paper is rustic and beautiful.   She's amazing! 

Here's what she using for her handmade paper gift tags

Happy papermaking!



Here's another recycled paper pulp recipe equation for you. 

Colorful fibers added to white recycled paper pulp equals colorful, interesting paper. 

I have an aunt who lives in an assisted living apartment, and recently she gifted me a large bag of assorted yarn and embroidery floss.  To thank her, I am making bookmarks for her and her knitting friends who donated their odds and ends. 

What can you reuse today? 
Happy papermaking!

creativity is making.jpg





You are a winner too


Amanda from Hyannis, MA was the lucky winner of a Wooden Deckle papermaking kit of her choice in the giveaway over at Art Spectrum.  Congratulations Amanda!

We're all happy for her, but don't you hate it when you aren't the lucky winner?
Like ever?
Me too. 
So, here's what we can do - it's better than nothing.  Get 20% off the papermaking kit you've been wanting just this weekend.  Use code: ALITTLEWIN

Thank you to all who entered, and joined me on Instagram (@woodendeckle) and Facebook.  You are appreciated!

Happy papermaking!


green tea recipe paper.png


2 Cups of white recycled paper pulp
10 or so green tea bags (generic is perfect)

Place pulp in a bowl with tea bags.  Cover with hot water and allow to steep for several hours.  Remove tea bags, but break open one or two and mix in loose tea.

Try this recipe with non-white recycled paper pulp as well.

Such a lovely rustic looking paper!  I use this handmade paper for everything - journal covers, business cards, note cards, bookmarks, hang tags, botanical art pieces. 

Happy papermaking!

          Pressed fern on 2x3" green tea paper - note card

          Pressed fern on 2x3" green tea paper - note card

Pressed fern on 2x3" green tea paper - notecar

Giveaway: Free Papermaking Kit at the Art Spectrum


Click over to the Art Spectrum to register to win the Wooden Deckle papermaking kit.  We have kits for making your own handmade paper:

  • business cards
  • hang-tags
  • note cards
  • gift tags
  • bookmarks

Or, there is our Classic Papermaking Kit for simply making 5x7" sheets of handmade paper.  You decide!

If you want to make paper now, use coupon code SEPTEMBER for 20% off any mold and deckle or kit. 

Happy Creating!




mathmatical monday.png


  • I used approximately 1 tablespoon paprika to 1 heaping cup of recycled paper pulp
  • Blend the paprika into the paper pulp to incorporate it well
  • Beautiful bright orange/red speckled paper!
  • Make great things:  Paprika paper is perfect for autumn themed notes, or thanksgiving place cards...

How our customers use their handmade paper: Earring display cards by The Knotted Moss


Got boundless energy?   Got creativity?
Amanda Moss Edwards does. 

Every time I turn around (and glance at Instagram) Amanda has posted yet another picture of her gorgeous earrings, and they just happen to be on the handmade paper earring cards she makes with our quadruple mold and deckle.   Look how she sews right across the top of her display cards and attaches her shop name, and tag line.  Brilliant branding!  Such creativity.

For a steady flow of creative energy follow Amanda on Instagram at #theknottedmoss
Shop for Amanda's Back to School Sale at The Knotted Moss on Etsy.  Use code:  SKEWLDAYZ17 to receive 20% off. 

Thank you for your inspiration Amanda!

Happy creating!


We get by... with a little help from our friends


We are so thankful to be in partnership with VIP Services!  VIP employs disabled adults to do tasks for small businesses like Wooden Deckle while learning skills and interacting with their peers. It is an incredible place that offers so much support to disabled persons and their families.

Our papermaking kit boxes are folded and our inclusion bags are filled and labeled with so much care!  And we in turn are blessed to be able to support as well as donate an extra portion of our profits back to VIP.  In fact, if you would like to play a part in empowering people with disabilities in Wisconsin, you can donate here.  Or, I would encourage you to find a similar venture in your area.



Sometimes the paper itself is enough...

Sometimes the paper itself is enough, sometimes it becomes a drawing, a book or a sculpture...

Sometimes the paper itself is enough, sometimes it becomes a drawing, a book or a sculpture...


I love, love, this quote from Lucy Baxandal, one of the most prolific, interesting papermakers I "know."  I follow her on facebook (and maybe instagram too, I think) and her papers, ideas, and projects are gorgeous.  I wish she was in the US, I'd sign up for some of her classes. 

If you are a papermaker and occassionally need inspiration or fresh ideas, conisder following her - it will be well worth your time. 

Happy papermaking!



Stamping on Handmade Paper - Maidenhair Fern Journal


Here's my current "every day" journal where I keep track of projects that are simmering away, ideas with maybe a sketch or two, or notes jotted down from podcasts.

This journal features one of my favorite projects - stamping on handmade paper.  I hand-carved this maidenhair on a Soft-Kut printing block stamp, and used pigmented ink to stamp it onto a piece of 3x4" handmade green tea paper.  Last year I published the recipe for Green Tea Handmade Paper in honor of Earth Day. 

Happy Creating!






How to: Adding sizing to handmade paper

sizing for handmade paper

Here's a recent question about sizing and handmade paper from one of my customers:

So I've now purchased 2 of your molds, they're perfect! I love making paper! But I do have a question- I'm a calligrapher and when I went to write on what I created, the ink bled like mad. I did add liquid starch to the pulp, I'm guessing it wasn't enough? Do you have any tips or tricks to help? Thank you so much in advance!

Thank you for loving our mold and deckles!  So happy to hear that!

What are you using for pulp?  If you are recycling paper that already had sizing in it - like printer paper, stationary, or any previously "printed on" paper, the ink shouldn't bleed.  However, if you are using natural plant material for pulp, or a significant proportion of cotton linters, sizing is needed.  Liquid starch like you used is a very good option - however the amount needed depends on the type of pulp, so it takes a bit of trial and error.  It sounds like you need to use more, but sorry I can't be more precise!

Another option is to apply an external sizing - to actually paint a gelatin sizing onto the sheet of handmade paper. There are excellent directions in Helen Hiebert's The Papermaker's Companion book.   I've done this with rustic paper I make with blender flax and recycled brown grocery bags and it worked perfectly. 

Finally, you can purchase sizing for paper making, and just follow the supplier's directions.   I have used sizing from Twin Rocker Papermaking supplies that worked well. 

There you have it!  Please feel free to ask any other paper making questions you might have, or add your own tips. 

Happy papermaking!



(Real) Pressed Fern on Handmade Paper


Who doesn't need a touch of green inside?

A fern pressed last summer with the Microfleur, and mounted on nicely textured 5x7" handmade paper. 

  • Sealed with UV resistant coating
  • On Gilbert Oxford premium card stock
  • Ready to frame

If you like minimalist botanical art like this, you can make your own!
(If you aren't inclined to make you own, it is available on Wooden Deckle Etsy.)

Use code:MARCHMADNESS for 20% off of any kit or Microfleur flower press.

How to make pressed flower cards


DIY Pressed flower card tutorial

Back in the day when I had 3 kids under the age of 4, money was tight and I began making pressed flower cards as a way to maintain sanity and earn money to finance our first garden. This tutorial describes how I make DIY pressed flower cards on handmade paper - I've always loved how pressed flowers pop against a background of roughly textured white handmade paper. 

What you'll need:

  • Pressed flowers:  You can press them in a book or standard flower press, but if you are serious and want to retain their brilliant color use a Microfleur microwave flower press
  • Half sheet of card stock: Use the best quality you can find, folded in half for a note card
  • Handmade paper:  I use our note card mold and deckle to make 3x4" pieces
  • White glue: For gluing the pressed flowers to the handmade paper - I like Elmer's craft glue
  • Perfect Paper Adhesive:  Used as a pressed flower sealant.  Water resistant, flexible, archival safe, and UV resistant.
DIY pressed flower cards

1.  Press freshly picked flowers in the Microfleur or press of choice.
2.  Center and glue handmade paper to card stock.
3.  Using a tweezers to grasp, apply dots of glue to the back of the pressed flowers and foliage you've selected.  Press firmly onto card.  Allow to dry.
4.  With a small watercolor brush, apply a light coating of PPA over the entire surface of the pressed flower and foliage.  Allow to dry.

Your card is ready to send!  The handmade paper makes a sturdy background for the pressed flowers, and the thin coating of PPA offers flexible protection to allow the botanical material to handle the rigors of the U.S. mail, with UV and moisture protection. 

Happy creating!