How did we get here?

Elizabeth W began making paper in 2003 as a surface for botanical art. Soon there were many inquiries from people who wanted handmade paper for their own creative endeavors.  So, a simple, practical papermaking kit came about.

  • Wooden Deckle LLC is located in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. 
  • The frames for our mold and deckles are handcrafted in the U.S.A. 
  • We get a little help from our friends... our boxes are folded and the labels for our paper making kits are applied by hardworking individuals at VIP Services.
  • We assist educators/teachers interested in papermaking in the classroom.

Our Mission

At Wooden Deckle our mission is to get you up and running at making paper. Our kits enable you to recycle paper to make handmade paper in a variety of sizes, for a variety of purposes.
We specialize in small and sturdy mold and deckles for practical everyday paper making. By shredding used printer paper, wrapping paper, sheet music, greeting cards, etc., and processing them in a kitchen blender,  new life is given to what was once destined to be thrown away.
Finding a second use for something instead of throwing it away is good for our earth, and honors the One who made it.

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